Robert Dinsdale, Kirstie Imber, Susie Dunlop, Sophie Robinson and all at Allison & Busby, Nicola Davison Reed, Vanessa Rose, Fliss and Simon Bage, Sean Ryan, Richard and Suzi Mitchell, Steve Gregory, Beth Williams, Nathan Roberts, James Sharp, Nick Sharp, Matthew Smith, Jon and Mary Pritchard, Francis and Olivia Self, Peter Jaeger, Jill Pelton, Andrew Miller, Richard Kerridge, Mandy Dixie, Rosie Oliver, Shannon Slater-Dent, Kenneth Dunmore, Jesse James, Angela Craven, Arran Hazleden, Bilbo, Ian Fleming, Hergé, Bernard Cornwell, John Buchan, Henry Miller, Peter O'Donnell, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Nathan Wolff, Major General Sir Charles V.E. Townshend and the men and women who fought, died and survived the Great War, to Steed for telling me when to take a break, and to Di without whom I’d be lost. 


Thank you all for your inspiration, advice, criticism, support and love.