The Adventures of Kingdom Lock: Thrilling historical fiction at its best, with page-turning adventures about a British agent chasing a notorious German spy throughout the Middle East during the Great War. Welcome to the world of Kingdom Lock as created by author I.D. Roberts...

Kingdom Lock


Having recently rescued Amy Townshend, the daughter of a top ranking British officer from Turkey, Kingdom Lock is sent by his superior, Major Ross, to Persia. His mission: to stop a German spy from inciting rebellion and seizing control of the precious oilfields. But to complete his task, the Australian-born Lock has not only to battle resentment and enemies on his own side, but to keep one step ahead of the war raging around him. And to make matters worse, Lock has fallen in love with Amy, something her fiance, Lieutenant Bingham-Smith, will not tolerate...

Available in hardback, paperback, eBook, audiobook and as an audio download from all good bookstores worldwide, including: Amazon, iTunes and wordforwordaudio.

For Kingdom and Country

The thrilling second Kingdom Lock adventure is set around the true story of Townshend's Regatta and the capture of Amara on the Tigris river in late May 1915. After Lock and Singh are gunned down on the streets of Basra, suspicion falls on Wassmuss. Major Ross believes the German spy is not only still alive but that he is behind the assassination of a senior Turkish officer, the death of whom has been blamed on Lock. Meanwhile, Lock has discovered that Amy Townshend is pregnant and that the child is his. But the general’s daughter stubbornly refuses to break off her engagement with Bingham-Smith. Then, when Lock learns that there is a price on his head and every cutthroat and desperate man in the area is after the bounty, Ross sends him to the front lines ‘for his own safety’.


Available in hardback and eBook from all good bookstores worldwide, including Amazon, iTunes and GooglePlay

Bandaging the Blitz: An enthralling memoir, with page-turning events, about a young woman embarking on a life-changing career, all set against the backdrop of World War Two. Welcome to the true story of Phyllis Macdonald-Ross as adapted by her grandson, author I.D. Roberts...

Bandaging the Blitz


When my grandmother turned 18, she announced to her parents that she wanted to become a nurse. She was offered a place at Hackney Hospital in the East End of London. It was to be a huge change for the teenage girl to leave the quiet cottage in the seaside port of Dovercourt in Essex and travel to live alone in the capital – but, on 3rd November 1938, a life-long passion and career in nursing began. Little was she to know that, within less than a year, her beloved England would be at war. Her story is full of humour, of sorrow, warmth, tears and laughter. It is a story of one woman’s passion for a calling to help others – and, in the middle of it all, the story of her passion for one man: Alistair Ross, the man who would become my grandfather. . . 



Available in paperback, audio download and eBook from all good bookstores worldwide, including: Guardian BooksAmazon and iTunes

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