Thrilling historical fiction at its best, with page-turning adventures ranging from a British agent chasing a notorious German spy throughout the Middle East during the Great War, to a British assassin taking on the might of the Nazis during World War Two. Welcome to the worlds of Kingdom Lock and Stone as created by author I.D. Roberts...

Kingdom Lock



Having recently rescued Amy Townshend, the daughter of a top ranking British officer from Turkey, Kingdom Lock is sent by his superior, Major Ross, to Persia. His mission: to stop a German spy from inciting rebellion and seizing control of the precious oilfields. But to complete his task, the Australian-born Lock has not only to battle resentment and enemies on his own side, but to keep one step ahead of the war raging around him. And to make matters worse, Lock has fallen in love with Amy, something her fiance, Lieutenant Bingham-Smith, will not tolerate...

For Kingdom and Country


1915: The second Kingdom Lock adventure is set around the true story of Townshend's Regatta and the capture of Amara in late May, and begins as a murder mystery. The tale opens with Lock and Singh being gunned down on the streets of Basra. But who tried to kill our hero and his Indian friend? 

Lock's Siege


1916: The third Kingdom Lock adventure is set around the disastrous siege of Kut al Amara, where the British suffered their worse defeat in military history and General Townshend was captured. With the situation becoming desperate at Kut, Lock must not only escape from the besieged town, but he must rescue a group of VAD nurses held captive by the Turks. 



Set during World War Two, these stories of intrigue, espionage and assassination focus on one man, Stone, a trained killer employed by a splinter branch of the SIS – the British Secret Intelligence Service – to disrupt, demoralise and destroy the Nazis and their plans for world domination. The stories take in a vast variety of locations, moving from the canals of Amsterdam to the sandbagged streets of London, passing over the waters of the Mediterranean to the claustrophobic city of Cairo, then across the choking sands of the Trans Jordan and into the Persian mountains of the Hindu Kush.