I've always had a love for writing or storytelling or tall-story telling or telling lies. As a kid Tintin and James Bond and Paddington and Winnie the Pooh and Blake's 7 were all big parts of growing up, not to mention Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica and Where Eagles Dare and Starsky and Hutch and Tiswas (I hated Swap Shop). But it was sci-fi and fantasy I loved the most.


Remember Battle of the Planets and The Six Million Dollar Man and Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon and Sapphire and Steel and The Avengers (I'm talking Patrick Macnee and the gorgeous Diana Rigg)? I couldn't get enough. And the adventures continued in my head, on paper, in art and getting creative with toys and super 8 cameras, and drawing my own comics to send off to the producer of Doctor Who.


And then I become a teenager and all I wanted to do was listen to music and go see bands and drink and anything girls. But movies and TV shows stayed with me. University happened and I thought film was where I was heading (making them), but I preferred writing (and I fell into journalism to pay for gigs and cds and dvds and books).


And, yeah, it took a while, and, yeah, I went back to school (to do an MA in Creative Writing), but, wow, I got an agent. And, wow, he got me published - three times. And now I'm waiting on my fourth novel to be snapped up. Will it? Won't it? Watch (read) this space...